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About SBHS Athletics


At South Burlington High School, we understand and appreciate the importance of extracurricular activities in the overall education of our student-athletes.  Experiences teach values such as hard work, commitment, leadership, discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness, all within a framework of academic excellence.  The coach/advisor should utilize this situation to instill in the students the values that will help them enter society as well-adjusted, useful, emotionally and morally mature individuals.  To achieve these values, a coach/advisor must treat all individuals equally while simultaneously realizing the potential and limitations of each individual.

Our athletic teams will strive to win, but emphasis will be placed on effort, improvement, respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials, and learning to win graciously and lose with dignity.  Winning is emphasized more strongly at the varsity level, but never at the expense of healthy attitudes, values and perspective.  At sub-varsity levels, winning remains a goal, but is subordinate to participation and skill development.  Above all, we want all of our athletes to have a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 


  1. The development of student abilities through healthy competition and participation.
  2. To bring about the realization in our students that participation and competition is a privilege that carries definite responsibilities.
  3. To represent SBHS in a manner that brings respect for the school and each individual participant.
  4. To develop a healthy attitude towards opponents, realizing that they deserve our most sincere effort to emerge victorious while simultaneously understanding that their purpose is to defeat us in a healthy, sporting/academic encounter.
  5. To allow every individual the maximum opportunity to participate in an activity while recognizing that some activities and sports, like life, is a competitive situation in which some will excel, some will succeed, some will fail, and all will benefit merely by being participants.


For information about Student Activities and Athletics at SBHS, including rules, policies, etc., click the document link below to access the Co-Curricular Digest for Students and Parents.



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