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About FHTMS Athletics



The mission of FHTMS athletics is to provide an enjoyable educational experience for young adolescents based on their developmental characteristics and needs. 

Positive outcomes of appropriate middle-level athletic programs include the development of self-esteem, citizenship, responsibility, and improved skills/knowledge in cooperative and leadership behaviors. 

FHTMS athletic programs should be enjoyable, vigorous, and safe. They should occur in a positive climate with appropriately qualified adult leadership and support.

Effective middle-level athletic programs should be coordinated with other school and community activities to offer additional opportunities for young adolescents to explore varied interests.

FHTMS athletics should be a complimentary and important part of the total educational process and an excellent opportunity for the home, school, and community to work together.

All athletic experiences must be viewed in terms of THE DEVELOPMENTAL NEEDS of the middle school student and not the parents and/or the coaches.



To Provide:

  1. A safe, enjoyable educational experience for young adolescents based on their developmental characteristics and needs.
  2. A developmentally appropriate experience which focuses on self-esteem, citizenship, responsibility, cooperation, skill/knowledge development and leadership behaviors.
  3. Standards for appropriate coaching methods and program evaluation that focus on student development rather than competitive outcome.
  4. Educationally compatible experiences.
  5. Positive outcomes associated with appropriate middle level athletic programs.
  6. Guidance to parents and coaches as to the developmental focus of the middle school athletic program.
  7. Education around core values and attributes of character among middle school athletes, including:
    • ​​academic commitments
    • school attendance
    • respect & civility
    • positive conduct (in and out of school)
    • effective and responsible decision making
    • personal effort and work ethic
    • self control
    • personal confidence
    • accountability for personal conduct, roles and responsibilities


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