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For Information about Skateboard Club, contact Mr. Matt Guyette.

Matt  Guyette

Matt Guyette

Skateboard Club Advisor

Student Council

For Information about FHTMS Student Council, please contact Edith Ainsley.

Edith  Ainsley

Edith Ainsley

Student Council Advisor

Spring Musical

For more information about the Spring Musical, please contact Gail Kilkelly.

Gail Kilkelly

Gail Kilkelly

Spring Musical Advisor

Volleyball Club

For more information about the volleyball club, please contact coach Rick Codling.

Rick Codling

Rick Codling

Volleyball Coach

Bolton Ski & Ride

For more information about the ski and ride program, please contact Tara Gauding.

Tara Gauding

Tara Gauding

Bolton Ski & Ride Advisor

Jazz band

For Information about Jazz Band, please contact David Grippo.

David Grippo

David Grippo

Jazz Band Director

Yearbook Club

For more information about the Yearbook Club, please contact Amy Blauvelt

Amy Blauvelt

Amy Blauvelt

Yearbook Advisor

Fall Drama Program

For more information about the Fall Drama Program, please contact David Bailey.

David Bailey

David Bailey

Fall Drama Advisor

Strength & Conditioning Club

Participants will learn how to train with a biomechanical approach that influences functional training methods that will directly enhance athletic performance.  In other words, students will gain an understanding of safety, respect, effort and application of movement patterns within the realm of resistance training.  Due to limited space, only 12 participants will be permitted at a time.  Enrollment is open to middle and high school students.

Luke  Goyette

Luke Goyette

Strength & Conditioning Advisor

Art Club

For Information about the FHTMS Art Club, please contact Mrs. Beth Coleman

Beth Coleman

Beth Coleman

Art Club Advisor

PEER Leadership

For more information about Peer Leadership at FHTMS, please contact Jeff Novak.

Jeff  Novak

Jeff Novak

Peer Leadership Advisor

Math Counts

For Information about Math Counts, please contact John Radimer.

John  Radimer

John Radimer

Math Counts Advisor

Ultimate Frisbee Club

For information about the Ultimate Frisbee Club, please contact Jenn Richter.

Jenn Richter

Jenn Richter

Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Spelling Team

For more information about the Spelling Team, please contact Edith Ainsley.

Edith  Ainsley

Edith Ainsley

Spelling Team Advisor

create-a-skate club

For more information about the Create-A-Skate club, please contact Alison Parisi.

Alison Parisi

Create-A-Skate Advisor