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The Art Club provides students with an opportunity to create and investigate art making.  The club meets weekly.  We explore a variety of materials and techniques including:  clay, paper mache, acrylic paint, collage, and bookmaking. Each quarter we travel off campus to view art in the greater Burlington community.

Advisor:  Lisa Divoll-Painter, 652-7540


The ALC consists of SBHS student-athletes in grades 10-12.  Students must play at least 1 sport and complete an application to become members.  ALC meets every other Thursday before school.  Our mission is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by fostering a positive student image, expanding school and community public relations, sponsoring and participating in school and community service activities, actively expressing appreciation to individuals who support our athletic program, improving communication, and promoting school spirit. More specifically, the council will strive to:

  • Organize and carry out public relations and community service activities involving SBHS student-athletes, our school and our community.
  • Inform and encourage SBHS and the community to become more aware of issues faced by the student-athletes and recognize their accomplishments.
  • Promote communication between SBHS administration, coaches, and student-athletes.
  • Involve all athletic teams to build a sense of community and spirit within the athletic program.

Advisors: Chris Langevin, 652-7005, Anjie Soucy, 652-7154 and Geoff Bennett, 652-7098


The Back Country Ski Club involves skiing and and Riding under our own power (skinning or hiking up) We meet on Thursdays to discuss what to pack and how to ski/ride safely.  Students Join throughout the year.  The costs include a trail pass when we go to Bolton ($13 bc trail pass) and purchasing the appropriate equipment for backcountry skiing.  Hiking and/or mountain biking trips may also be scheduled during fall and spring.

Advisor:  George LaPierre, 652-7091


We live stream a number of SBHS varsity sporting events.  We also stream school concerts and other events, including pep rallies and assemblies.  Any SBHS student who can commit to the schedule is eligible to join. Club member do all aspects of the broadcast, including operate the video mixing console, camera operation, broadcast coordinator producer and announcer.  For information, check our website at:

Advisor:  Chris Allen, 652-7063


Learn to play chess.  SBHS students are welcome to come on Tuesdays after school to play some friendly games of chess. We may also be competing with other schools as we grow this new club.

Advisor:  Jean Ohlson, 652-7019


We encourage students to get involved with the many class activities, such as Homecoming and Talent Night.  Students may also show their leadership skills by campaigning for and serving as class officers. A president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer of each grade are chosen at the end of the school year for Grades 10-12, and at the beginning of the school year for Grade 9.


grade 9:  Christine Lundie, 652-7195 and Heidi Western, 652-7145

grade 10:  Max Skapof, 652-7083

grade 11:  Alex Anthony, 652-7175 and Jill Wilkens

grade 12:  Maryellen Schaefer, 652-7021 and Emily West, 652-7022


The Coalition for Community Service (CCS) club's primary focus is the support of locally (community-wide) and globally-based activities through membership and group participation.  The club invites presenters to seek support for external events through hands-on activities.  Monthly meetings determine the specific events and volunteers are assigned tasks, as determined by the project.  Past examples of activities;  International fund-raising event for a medical clinic in Bali; multiple walks for specific causes; food drives; Haunted Forest; S.B. Recreation Department's seasonal events; Toys for Kids of Vermont; handmade Valentines for our neighbors at the Pines Senior Living Center; water station duties at the Burlington City Marathon; National Night Out and so much more!

Co-Advisors:  Erin Randall-Mullins, 652-7017    Nancy LaVarnway, 652-7018

Coding Club

The Coding Club provides students with an opportunity to learn and understand code. This club meets every Tuesday after school and will also compete in coding competitions. 

Advisor: Steve Barner, 652-7015


The club meets one day per week after school to learn about cybersecurity and to prepare for the US Cyberpatriot competition.  In the competitions, the team is given drive images representing workstations and servers of a variety of operating systems that have a number of security flaws.  The team has a six-hour window in which to find and fix as many security flaws as possible.  This is a great activity for anyone interested in information technology and/or security.

Advisor:  Steve Barner, 652-7015


The Dance Club is open to all high school students and all ability levels; no prior experience is necessary! The club will focus primarily on the different hip hop dance styles. Members of the club can also bring their knowledge of other dance styles and teach the group. The club will meet weekly starting this spring. Attendance at every meeting is not required but encouraged. 

Advisor:  Ali Gingras, 652-7012


Dartmouth Model UN Club is a simulation experience where students attend the spring session of the Dartmouth College Model United Nations.  Students are assigned specific countries, UN committees, and  topics of debate in advance with the expectation of doing research before the conference. The conference is a 3 day event held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  There is an application process to be part of the club each year.

Advisor:  Kim Watkin, 652-7538


DECA is a career and technical student organization that prepares students in the business professions of management, finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing.

Advisor:  Lynn Amey, 652-7017


SBHS presents 2 plays each year, one each semester.  One of these productions is usually a musical.  Although many students participate in drama so they can learn to act, acting is only one of the many jobs connected with theater production.  Other areas include lighting and other technical stage work, stage managing, costumes, make-up, theater management, publicity, programs and tickets.  Participating in drama is a unique way of working with others.  Everyone who is interested can participate in some way.

Advisor:  Gina Fearn


The Freerunning (or Parkour) club meets at Green Mountain Freestyle Center to practice parkour and “Freestyle Running” which involves running/jumping and flipping over obstacles.  We have the coaches at GMFC coach us and teach how to perform skills and stunts safely.  Students join through the year and there is a $40 fee for the gym.  We meet once a month, February through April.

Advisor:  George LaPierre, 652-7091


The French Club (le Cercle Français) offers multiple venues for students to experience French language and/or culture in context.  Meetings are held once a week before school to watch a wide variety of authentic French and French-speaking movies (some mature content requires that students under 18 receive permission from their parents) and once a month outside of school. The outing exposes students to the myriad of cultural resources available to us in the greater community: cafés, concerts, movie, cultural festivals, art exhibits, plays and dinners.  The group is led by older French students who propose gatherings based on local offerings they investigate and genres or themes they would like to learn about more through film.

Advisor:  Marc Juneau, 652-7525


The South Burlington Chapter of the Future Educators of America is open to all students grades 9-12.  Through meetings and activities we hope to help students understand all that is involved in teacher preparation and working with children.  Our activities involve setting up panel discussions with current interns in the building, volunteering at community events like the Haunted Forest and the Polar Express as well as participating in a “Shadow Day” when students are paired with a teacher to shadow for the day.  Each year the current membership brainstorms activities for that year, tailoring them to the interests of the group.

Advisor:  Karen Bohmann, 652-7077


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club brings together students of different sexual and gender identities to not only create a safe and supportive space where they can meet new people, learn more about themselves and others, hang out, eat food and have fun, but also to educate others and raise awareness. By bringing attention to topics such as gender identity, sexuality, allyship, etc., the club aims to defeat ignorance and harassment, reduce isolation and depression, teach students and faculty how to be more accepting, and create a fun, safe, and inclusive school environment."

Advisor:  Erin Randall-Mullins, 652-7017

Green Team

We are the SBHS environmental club. Each year we work to make SBHS a greener more environmentally friendly place. In past years we have worked on recycling, composting, waste reduction, and reducing our energy usage. We also send a group of students to compete in the Vermont Envirothon. The Envirothon is a state wide competition about Environmental science.

Advisor:  Matt Dransfield, 652-7093

Humans of South Burlington

The Humans of South Burlington club was created for students to celebrate and promote the people that make SBHS what it is. This will be ran in partnership with our school newspaper, the SBRebelution. Humans of SB will meet once a week. 

Advisor: Veronica White, 652-7589


The SBHS Key Club has been in existence for over 50 years and seeks to serve the school and greater community.  It is a student-led organization whose primary goal is to encourage leadership by building character and helping others. Additionally, we help students develop initiative, responsibility, and leadership.  We perform acts of service in our communities, such as collecting clothing and organizing food drives. The Key Club will sponsor its 50th Talent Night Production in 2016, and this event is our major fundraiser.  We are affiliated with Kiwanis International.  Membership in Key Club is open to all SBHS students who wish to serve.  We typically meet every other Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Advisor:  Rich Wise, 652-7087


Learn to knit and craft with a friendly group of students. We are currently making newborn baby hats to donate to the hospital. Our first project was a scarf. We currently meet during A lunch on gray days.

Advisor:  Jean Ohlson, 652-7019


Join an enthusiastic group of mathletes who compete state wide with other school teams 5 times per year. Students are chosen for the team by a combination of teacher referrals and student results on placement testing. The team is composed of 15 to 20 outstanding math students from Grades 9-12. The team competes in the Greater Burlington Area Math League (12 teams). We also prepare for high school math contest exams. We generally have food and fun every Friday after school.

Advisor:  Jean Ohlson, 652-7019


Also known as the Youth Health Services Corps, the Medical Club is a group of students who are interested in exploring all aspects of the medical profession.  In working with the Champlain Valley Area Health Education Center, students have access to medical professionals and hands-on learning experiences.  No prior medical knowledge is necessary.

Advisor:  Claire Buckley, 652-7085


Students who want more performance opportunities in the SB community are members of this self-directed club — open to any student who is currently studying music either at SBHS, privately or both.

Advisor:  Aimee Bushey, 652-7059


This academic honors society invites students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher to submit a student information packet in the spring of their junior year. If their commitment to service, character, and leadership is demonstrated they are invited to join the group. Throughout their senior year they will be active members of NHS and complete group service activities, take part in leadership programs, and complete some independent service to their school or town communities.

Advisor:  Matt Dransfield, 652-7093


Neuro club meets weekly from October-February, and bi-weekly after the February brain bee. We discuss brain anatomy, current neuroscience research, and conduct hands-on activities (such as dissections) to learn about the nervous system. This school year we attended a brain education day at Middlebury college in November 2015, a brain bee prep day at UVM in January, and then the final brain bee competition at UVM in February. We align closely with the resources and events found on this page:

Advisor:  Torey Olson, 652-7504

PACTeens Club

PACTeens Club:  Do you want to get involved in your school and community and make a difference?  Do you have a passion or a project you would like to see getting off the ground?   PACTeens is a group of SBHS students who work with PACT (Parents and Adults Celebrating Children and Teens) to engage in dialogue and activities that support our vision to build and sustain a community of respect, compassion, and equality.  Please visit ‚Äč for more information on how to become involved in this awesome group!

Advisor:  Mariah Larkin, 652-7017


Ping Pong is a student fun activity, meeting weekly from late October through June.  All students, no matter their ability, are invited to participate in a fun learning environment.  We improve our games by playing amongst ourselves and occasionally hosting a tournament attended by club members from other schools.  There are no attendance requirements, attend when your schedule allows and bring a friend or two.

Advisor:  Rich Wise, 652-7087


Podcast Club involves having group discussions that focus on current events and concepts, analyzing them, breaking them down ethically and philosophically, and connecting them to other current events and concepts. Some examples of conversations we've had so far include: Race in Hollywood, Islamaphobia, Freedom of Speech/seeing the value in listening to the opposing views of others, the Syrian Refugee Crisis. 

Advisor:  Krista Huling, 652-7031


The RWDC is an intensive, annual aeronautical design competition in which students are given a design task and need to develop a complete system, including business case, that solves a real problem.  In previous years students have design unmanned aerial vehicle systems to detect pest infestations in huge crop field, or a system that can precisely deliver pesticides to only those areas in a field that need it, to reduce both costs and environmental impacts.  If students win the state challenge, which they have in each of the past eight years, they go on to compete in the national challenge in Washington, DC.  In 2014, the SBHS team took first place in the national competition!  This is an excellent activity for those who are interested in engineering, business, writing, project management, or just being part of an effective project team.  The competition requires a significant time commitment from October to January, and on to April if the team wins the state competition.  Real problems can be very difficult to solve and require a great deal of focus and creativity to do so.

Advisor:  Steve Barner, 652-7015


Interested in learning how to grow your own food?  Love hands-on activities?  Rebel Roots is our own garden at the high school!  Be a part of deciding what food we will grow, harvest, and give directly to our cafeteria.  Meeting times vary depending on the growing season.  We meet twice a week during the summer.

Advisors:  Erin Randall-Mullins, 652-7017 and Andy Samara, 652-7032


The mission of R.O.C. is create a better understanding of diversity as it relates specifically to families who have come to our country with a refugee status.  The desired outcome is to foster a sense of global citizenship, understanding, and compassion. 

R.O.C. provides an opportunity for education around the issues facing refugees and a better understanding of their culture and journey.  We also provides direct service opportunities for SBHS students to volunteer through tutoring and mentoring positions within Chittenden County. In addition, R.O.C. provides an indirect service opportunity to assist families new to this country such as a winter clothing drive.  

Advisor:  Denise Weaver, 652-7529


The club meets Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school to prepare for the FTC Robotics competition at UVM in April.  Students design, build and improve their robot to enable it to complete specific tasks during the competition.  Roles exist for a wide variety of interests, including project management, design, documentation, making/building and programming. This is an excellent activity for those interested in engineering or any technically-related field.

Advisor:  Steve Barner, 652-7015


The Rowing Club is supported by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Long Boats Program.  We use pilot gigs, or long boats, from the Museum.  The fall season begins the first week of school and continues through the third weekend of November.  The spring season begins the week after April vacation and continues through the first week of June.  Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 – 5:15 p.m. under the supervision of Chuck Soule (School Counselor) and Pat Phillips (Assistant Principal). 

The practices take place at Perkins Pier, on the waterfront, in Burlington.  The boats are 32’ long and approximately five feet wide at the mid-section.  They are not traditional sculling boats and are very seaworthy and well maintained.  Every student is required to wear a life jacket which is provided.  As this is a water-based activity, safety is the utmost priority.  All student rowers will be educated about water safety. There will be no practice on days of excessive wind.

There are three races in the fall season - two on Lake Champlain and the culminating race on the ocean in Hull, Mass at the end of November.  The spring season culminates with the Spring Wave in late May or early June.  Most races include rowing teams from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. 

Transportation to Practice:  Students are responsible for getting themselves to practice at Perkins Pier and home again.   

Cost:  The Maritime Museum has been generous in letting us use their boats.  Maintaining the boats and transporting them to races can be costly.  As a result, we ask that each participant contribute $25.00 per season to help offset the expenses the museum encumbers in maintaining the boats.  If this creates a financial burden for a student we ask them to please let us know.

Advisors:  Pat Phillips, 652-7003 and Chuck Soule, 652-7066


Rebel Rugby has been part of SB since 2006. REBEL RUGBY has won the Vermont State Championship 4 times over the last 10 years. The boys' team won back to back championships in 2014 and 2015. The team is open to both girls and boys. We practice together but play games and scrimmages separately. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to be part of our team. We are a group of athletes who understand that rugby is more than a game. It is a culture that promotes the essence of TEAM above all else. Every member of the club is valuable. There are no tryouts and no cuts. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. We have between 6-8 regular season games and participate in two end of the season tournaments including the Vermont State High School Rugby Championship the first Sunday of June. We play other schools in the Champlain Valley such as Essex, Rutland, Albany and Saratoga. Many of our players have gone on to play rugby in college, some of whom have been recruited and received SCHOLARSHIPS to play rugby. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the US for women in College and is part of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 
We practice 3-4 days/week from 4-5:30pm. Our games are usually on Wednesday and Sunday.

All players must also register with USA Rugby as well as register with the SB Athletic department. 
Please check us out on Facebook SB Rebel Rugby. As well as Rebel Girl Rugby. 

Advisor:  Tiffany Renaud, 363-1086, and Kevin O'Brien

SB REBELUTION (School Newspaper)

The journalism club is a student led activity that produces the school newspaper: SBRebelution.  In addition to news, features, and school sports, the paper includes a segment called “Out of the Blue” which is our arts and literary contribution.  In it you will find book talks, movie reviews, short stories, poetry, and art featuring our fabulous VAPA Department.  The club meets weekly to either “pitch” ideas, discuss current events, talk about the posterity of the paper, or plan for future editions.  We are always looking for writers, artists, photographers, and sports enthusiasts.  SBRebelution has Twitter account and FACEBook page so follow and like us!

Advisor:  Veronica White, 652-7589


Students become experts in such areas as current events, history, science, math, literature, art, and music and compete with other schools around the state in the VT-National Education Association sponsored event.  The school that wins at the state level, advances to the national competition.

Advisor:  Eric Stone, 652-7535


"Have you always wanted to be a radio announcer?  Do you enjoy a good argument?  Do you have passionate views on the issues of today?  Are you passionate about poetry or theatre?  If so, we invite you to join the Speech and Debate Club.  The club holds weekly or bi-weekly practices, depending upon which events you would like to compete in.  We compete for individual and team trophies on seven or eight Fridays and Saturdays, with other Vermont schools, from October to February."

Advisor:  Veronica White, 652-7589


Participants will learn how to train with a biomechanical approach that influences functional training methods that will directly enhance athletic performance.  In other words, students will gain an understanding of safety, respect, effort, and application of movement patterns within the realm of resistance training.  Due to limited space, only 12 participants will be permitted at a time.  Enrolment is open to middle and high school students.      

Advisor:  Luke Goyette, 652-7122


The Student Council is the representative body of the students.  Its primary function is to provide a voice in activities and events which affect student life both academically and socially.  Two students from the student body at large are elected by the Council to serve on the South Burlington District Board of Directors.

Advisors:  Philip Galiga, 652-7569 and John Painter, 652-7043


The Student Diversity Union seeks to bring students of different backgrounds together to challenge racism and prejudice.  Group members seek to live by the following core beliefs.  

  • The SDU educates people on how to actively challenge racism and prejudice.
  • The SDU raises awareness of diversity issues that many people may be unaware of and show students how they can help repair these issues.
  • The SDU believes that students should have a safe place to discuss race and find answers to their race-related questions.
  • The SDU would like to make race-related issues more accessible and allow students to feel more comfortable discussing race.

We want to help students see how we may contribute to stereotyping, racism, or bigotry, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Advisor:  Patrick Burke, 652-7007


Technology for Tomorrow is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers youth to connect communities. Our model involves organizing and supporting student groups who implement our free computer training programs at local senior citizen homes and through community workshops. Technology for Tomorrow is a self-sustaining organization with 100% of donated funds going directly to program expenses, not overhead or administrative costs. Our Vision is to unite local students and senior citizens through free technology training, bridging generational gaps and creating more vibrant and inclusive communities. 
Our Mission is to empower students with opportunities to further develop communication and leadership skills; to empower senior citizens to more effectively communicate with family and friends, strengthening community engagement.

Advisor:  Chris Allen, 652-7063


Trebel A Cappella is a small student-run group open by audition to any SBHS student who wants a contemporary a cappella singing experience.  We meet regularly and normally have two small performances per year. 

Advisor:  Aimee Bushey, 652-7059


Unified Sports is a partnership between SBHS and Special Olympics Vermont, which encompasses athletes of all physical and intellectual ability levels, while forming friendships between students. The goals are to refine skills, promote friendship, and encourage independence.  We do not place an emphasis on winning, but focus on improving skills and that practice makes you better. We are willing to work around students' sports and activities schedules.  Community service hours are offered to peer students. All programs are free to students of all income levels, and include transportation from school to the activity location and back. Our program consists of the following opportunities:

September- December: Bowling
Practice location: Champlain Lanes on Shelburne Road
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 3:30 (depart SBHS)- 4:45 (5:20 drop off at SBHS)
Statewide competition in early December is a Special Olympics event.

Mid January- Early March: Bowling Clinic
Practice location: Champlain Lanes on Shelburne Road
Days: Tuesday's only (5-7 extra sessions)
Time: 3:30 (depart SBHS)- 4:45 (5:20 drop off at SBHS)

March- Late May: Bocce Ball
Practice Location: Behind Tuttle Middle School
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 3:20-4:30
Statewide competition in late May is a Special Olympics event.

                On the field we're teammates. 
                Off the field we're friends.

Advisor:  Gretchen Besio, 652-7510


The Young Democrats Club is part of a national network of high-school and college clubs. It usually meets bi-weekly before school, and promotes awareness and discussion of local, state, and national issues from all political perspectives. State Representatives are often guest speakers, and the club takes an annual field trip to the State House in Montpelier when the Legislature is in session. During election years, members of the club assist in running city presentations and debates, and in registering eligible SB students to vote. All students are welcome. The current (2016-17) President is Thomas Dustira, and the leadership team is made up of Nate Kakalec, Dylan Weaver-Nolting, and Bentley Wilking. 

Advisor:  Ed Darling, 652-7016